• Literature Displays

    Literature Displays

    Literature Displays are simple to use, are portable and offer an attractive presentation tool for use at trade shows and other events where catalogs, price lists and promotional materials are to be made available.

    These single or double sided Literature Displays offer either clear acrylic trays with brushed aluminum highlights, or all fabric versions. All units include shipping bags and/or cases.


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    The TE-11 Event Literature Display is the first of its kind to offer both, a stunningly vivid full-color graphic, along with 3 literature holders. The aircraft-grade aluminum stand is attractive, portable, easy to set-up and incredibly sturdy with its weighted base. The graphic can be sized from 3 ft to over 6 ft in height, and two carry bags are included. Optional lighting is also available for increased visibility to your target audience.


    Single Sided Event Literature Display

    Item: TE - 11

    Actual Size: 36" x 84"

    Graphic Size: 23" x 36" to 72"

    Weight: 20 lbs

    Stand: Aluminum

    Includes: 2 Carry Bags


    Single Sided Literature Display

    Item: TE - 12

    Size: 12" x 60"

    Weight: 17 lbs

    Stand: Brushed Aluminum & Acrylic

    Includes: Padded Bag


    Single Sided Fabric Literature Display

    Item: TE - 14 A and TE - 14 B

    TE - 14 A Actual Size: 20" x 16" x 54"

    TE - 14 A Actual Weight: 3.5 lbs

    # Pockets: 8

    TE - 14 B Actual Size: 11" x 16" x 54"

    TE - 14 B Actual Weight: 2.5 lbs

    # Pockets: 4

    Stand: Fabric and Aluminum

    Includes: Carry Bag