• Bow Banners™

    Bow Banners™

    The Bow BannerTM system, has in a short period of time, captured the imagination and desire of the marketing world. Designed to gain the immediate attention of those passing-by, these banners can withstand the types of outdoor extremes that other forms of signage fall prey to. Moving and dancing with the wind, the Bow Banners' various sizing (7 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft and 15 ft) and mounting options allow for unlimited flexibility in usage. Ultra premium polyester fabric can be silk screened or digitally printed, and our anodized aluminum poles carry a 3 year warranty which is industry leading.

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  • Teardrop Banners™

    Teardrop Banners™

    The Teardrop BannerTM system, is an innovative "element defying" outdoor banner that ensures that your image is always visible, from any viewable direction, for your target market to see. These banners are constantly on a swivel, dancing and moving in whichever direction the wind is blowing, thereby acting as a bradning tool and as an attention-getting tool. High impact silk screend or dye sublimated banners, on premium polyetser fabric, offer bright, vivid branding opportunities. Teardrop Banners are available as both single or double sided banners and in seven sizes, ranging from the 14" and 19" table tops, 8 ft, 11 ft, 14 ft and a towering 19 ft. The anodized aluminum poles offer the industry's best warranty of 3 years.


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  • Flag Banners

    Flag Banners

    Flag Banners are a simple to use, yet extremely effective tool for both indoor and outdoor branding. The design of these Flag Banners demand the immediate attention of anyone who passes by, and unlike other types of signage, can withstand outdoor extremes. These banners offer a high visual impact to their audience, as they display a waving motion in the wind, combined with the branded graphic on the banner. They provide even more benefits to your marketing strategy, as they offer unprecedented flexibility in the boundless number of locations that they can be used at. These banners use premium polyester fabric, which can be printed single or double sided, via silk screend or dye sublimated, as well as high quality aluminum poles. Flag Banners are available in 10 ft, 13 ft and 16 ft sizes.

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  • Backpack Banners™

    Backpack Banners™

    The Backpack Banner™ has taken advertising to a whole new level, by redefining mobile advertising and product branding. The combined unit, weighs a mere 3 lbs, and consists of a reinforced, yet lightweight backpack, high-impact advertising banner and brochure storage pocket. Advertising has never experienced such an effective mobile opportunity like this.

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  • Pop-Out & A-Frame Banners

    Pop-Out & A-Frame Banners

    Pop-Out Banners, Pop-Out Tunnel Banners and A-Frame Banners are the newest generation of "field-level" signage, and offer a lightweight, easy to use, and highly visible alternative to traditional signs. When set-up they create a large footprint, but when folded up are but an afterthought. These types of signs are ultra-portable, and the branding opportunities available with these types of units are unmatched, with bright, vivid digital dye-sublimated printed images or messages.

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  • Spinning Dart Banners

    Spinning Dart Banners

    The Spinning Dart Banner is an innovative new branding and attenting getting banner that actually looks like the feathers on an in-flight spinning dart. Traditional advertising flags offer one or two sides to be printed on, but these Spinning Dart Banners offer three sides of high-impact dye sublimated imprinting on premium quality polyester fabric. The 8 ft tall Spinning Dart banner, uses the highest quality aluminum pole system, which offers an industry leading three year warranty.

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  • FlagPole Banners™

    FlagPole Banners™

    Standing over 17 ft tall, the FlagPole BannerTM system stands out far and above other portable outdoor advertising and attention getting products. The banner is printed on our specially formulated polyester fabric which allows for an increased amount of airflow, greater printing penetration.

    The FlagPole Banner system is constantly on a swivel, dancing and moving in whichever direction the wind is blowing, thereby acting as a branding tool, as well as an unbeatable attention getting tool. With its water / sand fillable base, this unit cannot be affected by even the windiest conditions.

    The FlagPole Banner system includes two carry bags, one for the aluminum telescoping mast, and one for the base.

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  • Boulevard Banners

    Boulevard Banners

    Boulevard Banners, also called street banners, light pole banners, as well as various other names, and are a tremendous way to take advantage of using a street's light poles to create a light festive aware presence.

    Boulevard Banners use the highest quality components, to ensure longevity against the elements, including rust-free cast aluminum brackets, 30" or 40" white fiberglass arms, and full color double sided graphics on high quality vinyl, and the steel bands can fit any square or round street light pole.

    These double sided banners and 30" arms are available in the following sizes: 2'x3', 2'x4', 2'x5'.

    These double sided banners and 40" arms are available in the following sizes: 3'x3', 3'x4', 3'x5'.


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  • Pop-Up Canopies

    Pop-Up Canopies

    Pop-Up Canopies are a wonderful way to build a branding environment and offer protection from the sun, rain or wind.

    Whether your pop-up canopies are used as trade show exhibits, at sporting events, at the beach, for a company event, or for special promotions, we offer a commercial grade EZ pop-up canopy tent application for your trade show exhibits.

    These ez pop-up canopy tents and table covers are available in standard and custom colored 500 denier Polyester fabric, which is UV treated, water resistant and fire retardant.

    Our Elite series of canopy frames is strong, resilient and dependable, and comes in steel and aluminum models.

    We offer our EZ Pop-Up Canopy Tents in 5x5, 10x10, 10x10 Hex, 10x15, 10x20, 13x13 and 13x26 sizes.

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  • Gazebos


    Gazebos are a wonderful way to build a branding environment and offer protection from the sun, rain or wind. Rigid structured Gazebos work extremely well for a wide variety of applications including beverage and food service, event promotions, merchandise sales, registration, and ticket sales. Our easy-to-assemble gazebos take less than ten minutes to assemble, and allow up to five people to freely work.

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  • Table Covers & Throws

    Table Covers & Throws

    Table Covers and Table Throws allow for a fabulous way to brand and decorate a trade show booth or special event. Fitted table covers, stretch fit table covers and free flowing table throws are available in 6 ft and 8 ft sizes. The Fitted and Stretch-Fit Table Covers  have rear-entry zippers for under table storage access. The free flowing Table Throws are a great option if actual table sizes are unknown. They are custom made of the finest polyester fabric, and come plain without imprinting, spot color screen printing or with full color dye sublimated imprinting.

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  • Promotional Umbrellas

    Promotional Umbrellas

    The ideal way to accessorize and brand your outdoor restaurant, coffee shop, sporting or beach event, or simply just shade your patio or garden is with a market umbrella or a beach umbrella. Umbrellas allow for outdoor events to be enjoyed, cool and shaded, even on the sunniest day. Additionally, we have the ability to brand any of our umbrellas, either with a screen printed (spot color) or dye-sublimated (full-color) image. Our promotional umbrellas use a premium UV treated and water resistant 300 Denier Polyester fabric for all of our umbrella tops, with 12 standard color options.


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  • Banner Stands

    Banner Stands

    To create an instant visual impact, at an amazing value, along with minimal set-up and take down, our complete line of retractable banner stands and motorized scrolling banner stands needs to be part of your branding arsenal. These banner stands are of the highest quality, and are available in either single or double sided displays. Our complete line of banner stands offer a robust, yet sleek, modern look ensuring the high impact dye-sublimated graphic is appreciated.

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  • Snap-Frame Displays

    Snap-Frame Displays

    Snap-Frame Displays offer an easy to use, attractive, portable store-front or exhibition display. What makes these displays even more ideal, when the time is right, changing out the double sided graphic takes simply seconds. Snap the frame open, change the graphic poster and then snap the frame closed. Snap-Frame Displays offer high quality aluminum frames, can be wall mounted, hung from the ceiling, or one of our two outdoor stands, which are weather-proof and are ready to tackle the elements. Various models are available to meet any demand, including the A-Frame Poster Stand and Sidewalk Poster Stand.

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  • Pop-Up Displays

    Pop-Up Displays

    Pop-Up Displays are a wonderfully effective and portable way to create a branded backdrop, in any place and at any time, with minimal time and effort needed for set-up and take down. Floor standing and table top models, in various shapes and sizes are available with face only or wrap-around graphics. The two larger sizes have footpads, which increase the unit's depth, adding stability and peace of mind. Also available are light systems and molded plastic transportation cases with wheels. High quality sublimated polyester graphics Velcro to the various Pop-Up Displays and can be interchanged effortlessly.

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  • Literature Displays

    Literature Displays

    Literature Displays are simple to use, are portable and offer an attractive presentation tool for use at trade shows and other events where catalogs, price lists and promotional materials are to be made available. These single or double sided Literature Displays offer either clear acrylic trays with brushed aluminum highlights, or all fabric versions. All units include shipping bags and/or cases.

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  • Trade Show & Event Displays

    Trade Show & Event Displays

    When setting up a trade show or special event booth, there are some key essentials that must be incorporated, to attain that "WOW" factor from onlookers and potential customers. A booth must be bold, attractive, informative and effective in its presentation. It must be easy to set-up and easier to take down. We offer various types of displays guaranteed to get you that "WOW".

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  • Inflatable Advertising

    Inflatable Advertising

    Advertising Inflatables are available as Dancing Inflatables, Cold Air Inflatables, and Helium Inflatables. These are ultra visible and perfect for off-site location promotions and events. Premium fabrics and blowers allow the the finest product, which ensures a maximum lifespan. Our various styles of advertising inflatables allow you to create a larger-than-life product replica or custom shape, whether that be ground mounted or filled with helium and floating overhead.

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  • Inflatable Furniture

    Inflatable Furniture

    There is no better a way to plan for a branded event that needs seating, than by using our new line of high quality inflatable furniture. Inflated, this product line wows those who use it, yet deflates and packs so small, it makes like easy.


    We offer:

    • Inflatable Chairs
    • Inflatable Ottomans
    • Inflatable Stools
    • and a wide range of other items


    High quality sealed PVC interiors are coupled with 4-way strech polyester, that can be customized via digital dye sublimation printing.


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